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Deliver anything, practically anywhere with Giffi. With drivers in melbourne, Giffi is often the easiest, cheapest pickup and delivery service

  • Mail Delivery
  • Parcel Delivery
  • Flower Delivery
  • Delivery almost anything!

Our Story

We came up with the idea of Giffi: Instant Delivery App after being in situations where time was not on our side. There were a couple of scenarios where we wanted to buy last minute gifts but there was no time to go to the shops and it ended up having the other party disappointed.

As time goes on, we develop further on this idea as we hear others' experiences and thought of what can we do to help. We hear stories and understand whether you're busy doing work and unable to buy gifts for your friends or loved ones, or when you've forgotten last minute gifts , needs items in a hurry, want food or drinks instantly, Giffi can shop the items for you or get it delivered for you. You can even shop from your favourite online stores and have us deliver your items instantly during checkout.

Giffi is handy for everyone, from office workers needing to send urgent letters to lazy nights at home and needing to buy something, including food and drinks Giffi will help you get your things done.

Our mission is to ensure no-one has to panic about last minute things and provide instant delivery in minutes to make everyone's life that bit easier.


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